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Our Mission

To Empower dads to be the leader they want inspire their kids to be. 


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My husband travels for work and carries his dog tag with him all the time. Our daughters is hanging above her dresser until she is old enough to wear it. He recently lost his and had to order another one. 

Kelly L.

Dog Tags

I appreciated the quick response from your customer service when I had a question about my items that were shipped! Thanks again for your services.

Jason L.

Dad Hats

First, Ordering was a breeze.

Secondly, The shipping arrived just as promised.

Thirdly and most importantly, I purchased the dad/daughter heart tags.  

Thank you so much for bringing this joy into their lives.


Dog Tags

I was blown away by how well made the shirt was and the picture on it . My wife was very happy with it as well . Would definitely order again . Thanks again for the all around great service as well . 

Josh I.


I’m a divorce dad with 4 girls. I love these shirts cause I like how everybody reads them and say love the shirt.

Mark H.


Love the hoodie, the material is great and it fits perfectly!

Chris M.


Very few websites get my attention like this one has finally something that I can do to show off his pride for his pride and joy


Dad Hats

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